Company History

Gittens, Smart & Co. Key PersonnelThe firm of Messrs. Gittens, Smart and Company has been in existence and continuous operation with various changes of names since 1932, and we have in our built-in fire proof valut and fire-proof cabinets bound records of title searches and deeds of various kinds dating back to that time.

Our partners and associates named above in the letter-head together have ninety-nine years of experience as Attorneys-at-Law. Mr. Isidore Smart, Snr. Was admitted to practice in 1942. he is a former Chief State Solicitor, Public Trustee, Adminstrator General and Registrar of Freiendly Societies and Trade Unions. He also served for a number of years as a member of the Central Tenders Board and the Mercy Committee. Mr. Wayne Isidore Smart was admitted to practice in 1971 and Mr. Anthony Isidore Smart, who is a former Attorney General and Minister of Legal Affairs, was admitted to practice in 1972. our Associate, Mrs. Rhonda Earle, was admitted into practice in 1986.

Some former partners of the firm include Mr. Michael Cipriani, deceased, Trinida and Tobago's pioneer aviator, Lionel Edward Gittens, deceased and Mr. Joseph Raphael Thomas, deceased, who together established the long tradition the firm has for handling conveyances and mortgages in real estate transactions.

Our office are located at premises owned by the firm and are fully equipped with computers, modern communication systems, a well stocked private library and parking facilities for clients.

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