Immigration Law

Gittens, Smart & Co. provides several services in the area of Immigration Law. We compile and submit various immigration forms/applications on behalf of our clients. All of the forms may be obtained from the Ministry of National Security and Immigration websites listed below. In our experience we have found that many of our clients, though furnished with the forms/applications do not have the time to complete them, for example the Work Permit application requires submission in octuplet with a cover letter. Our clients also find that a certain level of experience is required to complete the forms and provide the relevant attachments. The applications we file include:

  • Student Permits;
  • Work Permits;
  • Residency applications; and
  • Citizenship applications.

Student Permits

It is to be noted that a Student Permit does not guareentee entry into Trinidad & Tobago it merely gives a non-national permission to study in the country. Students of the University of the West Indies do not have to apply for a Student Permit as the University works with the Immigration Department and submits all necessary information to the Department on behalf of the students.

All other non-nationals wishing to study in Trinidad & Tobago must apply for a Student Permit from the Immigration Department.

Documents Necessary When Applying:

  1. Application on Form
  2. The Applicants Passport
  3. A return ticket - the ticket must be valid for the same amount of time the applicant intends to remain in the country e.g. up to the last date of the semester.
  4. A letter of acceptance from the Applicants school
  5. A receipt showing payment of tuition for at least one semester.
  6. Documentation showing proof of boarding and if the Applicant is staying with a family member, a letter from the family member stating that they will accept responsibility for the applicant including a copy of the family member's id and a telephone contact. A telephone contact for the Applicant separate from that of their family member.
  7. Application Fee - TT$100.00 dollars for Caricom Nationals and TT$200.00 dollars for Non-Caricom Nationals

* If the Applicant is staying more than twelve (12) months in the country they will need to perform a medical after arriving. The medical forms must completed by a registered medical practitioner. The forms must be accompanied by a report of the practitioner when submitted.

Other Applications

All the other information on the documents necessary for making an application for a work permit, residence and citizenship can be accessed at the website of the Ministry of National Security. On average it takes about one month to process a work permit application; however citizenship and residency applications take two (2) years on average to process. This is to preserve national security and maintain proper security checks of persons seeking citizenship and residence. Furthermore, citizenship cannot be granted without a person first obtaining residency.

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